Umbraco Block Editors

Umbraco is a very flexible CMS. The editorial experience in Umbraco is top-notch and editors can set the content of a defined document type and a template. Historically, it has been a one-to-one operation where there would be a document type and a matching template and a website would typically have many document types, each with its own templates to represent pages. But things have changed and landing pages have become the key marketing tool. There has been an increasing need for editors to be able to come up with more fluid pages rather than pages with a rigid structure, all without developer engagement. CMS is more than just a system where you input content for your website. This is what block editors help you achieve, build blocks of content and put them together as a unique landing page. This gives the content editors more power over the CMS and the content that is being put together, and when correctly used gives rise to fantastic landing pages, effective communication, and successful campaigns.

In my series, I plan to talk about the following block editors

  • Grid Layout
  • Nested Content
  • Block List
  • Perplex Content Blocks
  • Bento Editor
  • Contentment Content Blocks

I will talk about the setup and configuration, usage and website rendering, key points to remember and some use cases. I will be building a page based on the theme Agency which I found on StartBootstrap.  Code for the entire series is available in my repo.