Week of 15th -21st January 2024

This week, I ended up reading more on Async/Await in .NET 8. I didn't particularly start with a theme but I ended up having Async/Await as a theme. It's such a vast topic and I think these articles have given me enough to improve my knowledge and build on it further! There is so much more good content around this topic I want to read and maybe even share my knowledge on but more on that later.

  1. Good practices for dealing with errors in web applications (in dotnet)
  2. Understanding and Using ConfigureAwait in Asynchronous Programming
  3. ConfigureAwait in .NET 8
  4. Correcting Common Async/Await Mistakes in .NET 8 - Brandon Minnick - NDC Porto 2023 - Brandon does go through the subject fast in the session but a conference session is all about getting enough points that I can build further upon. 
  5. Software Development Trends 2023/2024 Volume 1 - Dr Milan Milanović
  6. Software Development Trends 2023/2024 Volume 2 - Dr Milan Milanović