My Website

It took a month and a half into 2021 but as we say, better late than never, I have given my website a little refresh.

My Website

I had a portfolio website which I maintained for the past 3 years. My website has always been powered by Umbraco CMS, my choice of CMS, which I have been working with over the past 9 years. The first version of my personal website was in V7 of Umbraco. I used a free-to-user HTML template, integrated it with Umbraco and it was a single-page website. When Umbraco V8 launched, I ported my website over to Umbraco V8, on the same day if I remember correctly. It was a good learning experience as well for me.

This year, however, I decided, I want to make an effort on documenting what I have learnt as well. I speak at a lot of events, which I love because I get to learn new things and I like to share what I learnt as well. But who doesn't like a good piece of documentation! So I will use my little blog to try and document what I have been learning. I wanted to launch this in January, but for most of us in the UK, January didn't start off well. We are still in a lockdown and I also happen to be homeschooling my 6-year old. Not to mention, I was also a speaker at the very prestigious NDC London Conference in January which meant my priorities shifted quite a bit in reality! But hey, if you are reading this article it means my website is live now!

So what Tech Stack did I use for my website?

There was no doubt in my mind that I want to keep using Umbraco. But I was a bit confused about how to approach the front-end aspect of the website. I looked at various templates on Pixelarity and Template Monster and almost zero-ed in on a template as well. But before I did anything with the template, my good friend and fellow Umbracian Jens from Webmind provided me with a license key to Igloo Theme. Thanks, Jens, I thoroughly enjoyed creating my little website using the starter kit. A few hours of work, mostly to decide which widget to use from a very comprehensive list and adjust my colour scheme, I have been able to come up with a website that looks really nice. 


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01 December 2023

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